Gold watches for the Goldsters

Ajai Robinson BSc.MT, CSCS is both the Head Coach and President of Invincible Athletics. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the International Sports Sciences association (ISSA), of which he also received an Elite Trainer Certification.

Ajai received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Medical Technology from the University of Technology, Jamaica, his Track and Field Coaching Certification from the National Federation of State High School Association. On and off the field, Ajai is a much sought after Coach, and  Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Consistent with his desire to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit of “maximizing health, athletic power, strength and velocity”, Ajai also possesses an extensive knowledge of nutrition that he has simplified for the masses and both practices and preaches with outstanding results.

Ajai is known for his unique and cutting edge approach to maximizing health, athletic power strength and velocity, whilst putting on lean mass and carving of ones physique. Ajai's athletic background is his greatest asset and what separates him from most all other coaches, as he applies knowledge, experience and science in order to create to the best athletic potential. When the goal is reaching peak performance and maximizing all that the body has to offer, Ajai is at the very top of the game.

Outside the gym, Ajai is a Dad, Pentecostal God fearing being, who have learnt not to accept average, as it is not the will of God for us, but we were created to be great and exceptional in everything we do, from the way we worship, to the way we praise, to the way we carry ourselves, and think. We can do all things through Christ and one of those things are excelling greatly in every aspect of our life that we can make a choice about.